Terms and conditions

Rule 1 - Orders

All Orders for Products & Services will be processed exclusively by the Virtual Store administrative system on the website www.yaminpm.com

Rule 2 - Products & Services

The Products & Services offered by www.yaminpm.com are constantly improving and are updated at all times; We also have personalized 24/7/365 customer service.

Rule 3 - Duration Domains & Hosting

Web Domains are reserved for one year and the Web Hosting Service may vary by monthly, semi-annual or annual cycle.

Rule 4 - Payments

All Payments must be transferred to the official accounts of www.yaminpm.com, specified in each Order and on the Secure Payment page at the bottom of the page in Our Company;  After confirming a Payment of an Order, the requests are initiated and the Order it is updated to Order status preparation in progress.

Rule 5 - Cancelation

When a Payment is not confirmed, Orders will be updated to Canceled status and upon expiration of the Services the system automatically deletes Customer Account, files, database and emails as appropriate.

Rule 6 - Refunds

We do not make refunds and in case a Client is automatically reimbursed the property rights are transferred to the author.

Rule 7 - Private

The personal data of companies or individuals are totally private, encrypted in the Servers of www.yaminpm.com fully reserves the right of admission of third parties to the Hosting service.